Team GM Reacts to Cam Whitmore's Summer League MVP Run

August 28, 2023

Athlete Studio

Earlier this week, the Houston Rockets treated fans to an exclusive behind-the-scenes video, providing a captivating glimpse into their 2023 summer league journey. Narrated by none other than rookie forward Cam Whitmore, who has taken the basketball world by storm.

Despite being unexpectedly drafted as the No. 20 pick in the 2023 first round, Whitmore quickly proved his worth. His outstanding performance earned him the prestigious title of NBA Summer League MVP in Las Vegas. As the most consistent star player on the Houston squad, Whitmore played a crucial role in leading the team to an impressive 5-1 record, only to lose in the championship game to Cleveland.

"It's obviously a great honor to be named MVP of the summer league," expressed Rockets general manager Rafael Stone in the team's recently released video. "Cam was very deserving. We wanted Cam to play his best, to play hard, and to be really aggressive, and he did all of that"

Reflecting on his remarkable journey, Whitmore shared, "It felt like it was meant to be. There was a reason I dropped to the 20th pick. Now, I'm the summer league MVP. I knew it wasn’t for nothing. All the work is paying off."

As Whitmore transitions into the regular season, he acknowledges that the road ahead won't be easy, especially considering his young age of just 19. However, in his closing remarks, he expressed his eagerness to learn the ropes of the NBA game. Whitmore plans to seek guidance from newly acquired veterans, including Fred VanVleet and Dillon Brooks, who will undoubtedly play instrumental roles in his development.

Although the official opening of the 2023-24 NBA training camps in early October marks the formal beginning of Whitmore's professional career, it already feels like his journey has begun. The Rockets' captivating behind-the-scenes video provides an intimate look into the team's preparations and sets the stage for what promises to be an exhilarating season ahead.

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