Cam Whitmore Making Insane Preseason Plays

October 18, 2023

Athlete Studio

Cam Whitmore was a name on everyone's minds leading up to the highly anticipated 2023 NBA Draft. With his impressive skills and immense potential, he was widely projected to be a top-10 pick. However, fate had a different plan when the Houston Rockets decided to pass on him with the fourth overall pick, opting for Amen Thompson instead. Little did they know, they would soon come to regret that decision.

As the draft progressed, the Rockets found themselves with another opportunity at the twentieth pick. To their utmost surprise, Cam Whitmore was still available, and they wasted no time in snatching him up. It was a stroke of luck that would soon turn into a game-changer for the franchise.

Prior to the draft, we had already recognized Whitmore's exceptional abilities, ranking him as one of the top five prospects in his class. Standing at an impressive 6'7" and weighing over 230 pounds, Whitmore possessed a rare combination of power and explosiveness that set him apart from his peers. His ability to soar through the air when attacking the basket was truly a sight to behold.

During a preseason game against San Antonio, Whitmore showcased his incredible talent to the world. In the first quarter, he took off from just inside the free-throw line, soaring through the air to finish with a huge slam. He emphatically dunked the ball over a defender, leaving the crowd in awe.

Unfortunately, this play was deemed a charge and did not count towards the score. It was a disappointing turn of events, but it served as undeniable evidence of Whitmore's extraordinary athletic abilities.

Many have complained that the league has made it far too easy to draw a charge and that players are often getting seamless and clean plays stolen from them. Spectacular dunks like Whitmore's should rightfully contribute to the score, rewarding the offensive player for their skill and athleticism.

Cam Whitmore's rise in the NBA is inevitable. With each game, he continues to prove why he was touted as a top prospect. As fans eagerly await his next standout play, it's clear that the league must adapt to ensure that remarkable displays of athleticism, like Whitmore's thunderous dunk, are rightfully counted.

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