Cam Whitmore Wins Summer League MVP

July 19, 2023

Athlete Studio

Cam Whitmore, once touted as a lottery pick, faced disappointment on draft night when he fell to the 20th spot. However, the month of July has been a different story for the Villanova product.

In a thrilling turn of events, Whitmore was crowned the 2023 NBA Summer League MVP on Monday afternoon, just hours before the highly-anticipated Summer League championship between the Houston Rockets and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Whitmore has been a force to be reckoned with, averaging an impressive 20.4 points per game and displaying his defensive prowess with three steals per game. In his most recent showdown against the Utah Jazz, he delivered a spectacular performance, scoring a stunning 25 points to secure a crucial victory for his team on Sunday evening.

It comes as no surprise that Whitmore has been lighting up the court in Las Vegas. Regarded as one of the top offensive prospects in the draft, his explosive 230-pound frame has shown that he is more than capable of handling the challenges of NBA competition. In fact, there were rumors that the Rockets had their eyes on Whitmore with the 4th pick before ultimately shifting their focus to Amen Thompson as their future point guard.

However, Whitmore wasn't the only standout player from the Rockets at the NBA Summer League. Jabari Smith, the 2022 No. 3 pick and second-year forward, made a strong impact despite only playing in two games. Smith's absence can easily be forgiven when considering his dominant performances on the court.

In the Summer League opener against the Portland Trail Blazers, Smith showcased his skills by scoring a remarkable 29 points in the second half and sealing the game with a thrilling game-winning shot. He continued to impress in the following game against the Detroit Pistons, pouring in an astonishing 38 points. These outstanding results bode well for Smith as he looks to take a significant leap in his second NBA season.

As the NBA Summer League unfolds, the performances of rising stars like Cam Whitmore and Jabari Smith continue to captivate fans and experts alike. With their incredible talent and potential, they are proving to be the future of the sport. It will be exciting to see how their careers unfold in the upcoming NBA season and beyond.

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